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Gene Marshall Annual Event XII Rare Deal

2007 Gene Convention
November 8th-10th
Hyatt Regency

~Many Thanks to Crystal, Wayne in Florida, and Lt Col Elaine for the images and text help~

Jim Howard's stunning Neiman Marcus style sketch! This is the first thing
people saw as they entered the hotel from the airport people-mover!

Basic Grey Lady Photo
by Michelle Michael

Convention Doll photographed
by Michelle Michael

Close up of Convention Doll

Dangerous Curves (optional purchase outfit) on makeup sample doll
Dream Sequence optional
purchase Madra
Marsha Hunt Dolls (Tennis Whites, Irene, College Holiday fashion on Tennis Whites doll) with the Steppin' High Ladies
Thursday Night centerpiece and color variation of Suited for Fur

Marsh Hunt
Tennis Whites profile

Strike it Rich
Michael Basala and Randy Simmon's lavender version of 06 black version.

Silver Rose Saturday Centerpiece

Cherry Crisp
won by Ben Grundfast

Friday centerpiece and color variation of Star Entrance



Marsha Hunt in
Irene dress


OOO La La W Club doll
sneak peak

Front Row Left to Right: Calendar Shot baggie doll wears pin-up party shirt by Janie Hunt, Wayne Nilson's auction doll from MetroDolls07, Jim Howard's Grey Lady, Wayne Nielson's auction doll from GeneCon06, Head-swap Winter's Romance wears Lady Grey by Boxpleat (GeneCon04 competition piece)
Elaines Collection!

Val Hayes' Irene gown (from Hollywood convention) on a Marsha Hunt tennis whites doll (collection of Sharon Meyer)

Janet as Secret Sleuth

The dames fight over Jim. "He's MY designer, keep your gloved hooves to yourself!"

Elaine behind Carmen Dyson who serves up a lovely portion of Hibiscus wearing MA's Blackmail

The Noir Molls do Mel in

Pam Seeman

Grey Lady and Franklin Lim Lao as a Fashion Royalty doll

Pam Seeman, Wayne, Julie Albus

White Lies doll and photo by Wayne Nilson

1st Place Judges Award Diorama

1st Place Peoples Choice Diorama

Rendezvous for Two

Alleyway Diorama
Pat Baker, Chassie Kays, Wayne Nielson, Julie Albus,unk, Dayle Davis, Pam Seeman

The Grey Ladies Auction
Patsy Fryberger
Julie Albus
Wayne Nielson
"The auction concept was pure genius. Gene in shades of gray, so that she would appear as a 3-D image from a Black & White movie. It was a challenge for the designers to make an outfit for a doll they had never seen. (They got the doll to dress when they got there.) They did the designs at home, using their own dolls as mannequins.) It was hard not knowing just how gray they would be. Would their hair be white-white or an off white shade?Needless to say, they did an outstanding job!" Wayne Nilson

Michael Zepata, Franklin Lim Lao, Janie Hunt (People's Choice award winner), Randy Simmons, Sharon Meyer, unk
Michael Zepata, Franklin Lim Lao
Janie Hunt (People's Choice award winner), Randy Simmons
Sharon Meyer, unk

Chassie Kays, unk, Becky Abrams, Jackie Cranston
Bob Young ,
(Judges Choice) Jim Howard
Chassie Kays, unk
Becky Abrams, Jackie Cranston

Marsha Hunt, Mel Odom, Jason Wu signing

The reveal

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