Golden Gate Gene Club
"It's a Boy"Meeting
featuring Trent Osborne

Our 4th gathering this year was at Fresh Choice in Santa Clara, "It's a Boy," was in honor of Ashton Drake's dashing new star, Trent Osborn. Club members displayed him in Playing the Ponies, a couple of Denis Bastien's Affordable Designs outfits and knitwear by Vera's aunt. The hard vinyl ladies came out in droves as well, including three Diamond Evenings, Franklin Mint's Twiggy in her incredible carrying case and a stable of new Tylers.

Darin, Debbie, Marty, Joyce and Kristan were the contestants for "Weakest Link," hosted by a black-clad Vicki Walker. The prize was a Blue Fox Gene, so there was no point in "banking," but other hallmarks of the game were in evidence. Kristan got both her questions right in the first round and was summarily voted off for it. Joyce, who dislikes voting off contestants, had to make a tie-breaking choice after a round in which no questions were answered correctly. (She bounced Darin.) Joyce beat Marty in the final round 1-0 when she knew which of Scarlet Temptress Madra's eyebrows was red. ("This one," she said.)

22 people fans attended, including (for the first time in some time) Van, former club president Alice, and another first timer Cherie.

HLAYG  outfit doneup by club member Patrice  Wagner, looks stunning in red. Trent is the perfect escort wearing.....
Darin,Debbie,Marty,Joyce and Kristan take the plunge and volunteer to play the :Weakest Link"  game.
Vicki Walker is our "Weakest Link" game hosstess extrordinaire !


Trent is the Man of the hour, wearing "Playing the Ponies".
Simply Gene in outfit by Patrice.


Joyce and Kristan
volunteered to play the
"Weakest Link" Game.


Our "Weakest Link"
Master of Ceremonies
Vicki Walker.


Trent in a Denis Bastian
golfing outfit and Willow
Twiggy in a Daisy and Willow outfit
Check out the great trunk!!
Two of Robert Tonner's
finest, "Look of Luxe" and "Esme".

Trent in another emsemble by Denis Bastian.
Looks like he had a little skiing accident!



Ken Bartram repaint and reroot.
repainted Betsy McCall and mix and match outfit ala Vicki.
Ken Bartram reroot and repaint.
Repainted Betsy McCall by
Holly Miner and mix and match
ensemble on Cold Shoulder.

Madra in a Fashion Blvd. outfit.
Diamond Evening Gene,
and Cover Girl Esme
Madra wears Suddenly Spring
a Fashion Boulevard ensemble.

The newest American Girl doll.
Calico critter doll houses
Xena and Tyler stop by
Calico Critters doll houses.
Xena and Tyler

Weakest Link Questions
Let Vicki Walker test your Gene Trivia prowess!!

Sources for these included story cards, "Girl Star" and the Carolyn Cook Gene book, second edition.

* What TV series was Trent Osborn starring in just before his death in 1976? "Bachelor Grandpa"
* What birth year does Madra Lord share with screen icons Lucille Ball, Ginger Rogers and Jean Harlow
* In what state was Mel Odom born?
* Spell Blond as it appears on the story card for Blond Lace.
* Spell Blonde as it appears in the book "Girl Star" on Blonde Lace.
* In what 1946 film does Gene Marshall portray Margot Holland?
* Gene Marshall portrays florist Alexis Devlin in which 1952 film?
* What original member of the Gene Team designed the outfits Iced Coffee and Embassy Luncheon?
* Which network aired Gene Marshall's Christmas specials?
* What 1950 film ends with Gene Marshall wearing Honeymoon?
* What costume was worn in Gene's USO Tour finale?
* Current Gene Team member Lynne Day designed the gowns for which Oscar-winning actress in "L.A. Confidential"?
* The first FAO Schwarz exclusive doll wore which Timothy Alberts design?
* Which of the "Shooting Star" costumes does Gene wear in the movie's final scene?
* What was Trent Osborn's real name?
* What designer of "Bird of Paradise" won a Tony for his costume work in the Broadway play "The Producers"?
* What song did Gene Marshall sing on Cora Harper's radio broadcast from Chicago in 1941?
*Which current Gene Team member does the hairstyles?
* Which Gene Team designer modeled the outfit "Love Paris" on an outfit his mother wore when she was 17?
* What is the name of the movie in which Gene Marshall wears Iced Coffee?
* The 2001 Madra item initially announced as Summer/Winter Set is now known as what?
* According to "Girl Star," which brand of perfume does Madra throw into a powder room mirror at the aborted 1941 premiere of "Deep Devotion"?
*What designer's work inspired both Secret Sleuth and the Simply Gene sunsuits?
*Which current Gene team designer was formerly employed at FAO Schwarz before designing Bridge Club, *Heart of Hollywood and Tennis Anyone?

*What was Mel Odom's original name for Gene Marshall's rival, Madra Lord?
*In the film "Accidental Star," Gene is mistaken for what celebrity known for her signature sunglasses?
*On half of the 2001 limited edition Madra Scarlet Temptress, which of Madra's eyebrows is red?
*What did Erik von Sternberg and Zena Thor name their son who was born during the filming of "Blonde Lace"?
*What Young Designers of America winner from the 1999 line was originally called Tea Time on the Veranda?
*What country is Gene team designer Jose Ferrand from?

*Who put the dumb in Mel Odom?
*Who is running an intellectual marathon in ribbon-tie shoes?
*Who's suffering from Gumby brain?

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