The Golden Gate Gene Club
Fabric Embellishing Workshop with
Bill Jones
Circle Skirts

May 4th, 2003
The Oakland Library
Oakland, California

Fabric embellishment workshop lead by Bill Jones. What a guy - his breadth & depth of acquired knowledge is amazing and he was more than willing to share!

There were 11 at the workshop and he had kits for everyone. Glue, brushes, skewers for applying sequins, a bodice and circle skirt. The circle skirt was applied to freezer paper so it was a firm, steady medium which allowed us to paint, glue, etc. on a flat surface. He had lots of design ideas which he took from magazine pages as well as actual fabric samples he had created. He painted on black velvet with gold paint; bright colors on white and even had black "leaves" he fused on net. It was wonderful to see these samples and not have visualize them ourselves. He brought tubs of tiny sequins in any color you could think of and tubs of acrylic paint to use.

Most people created some sort of design on the skirt and some got to the bodice. I think only one person got to the point of attaching the two. It was very creative fun and as always,


This is the sleeveless dress that could be made with the kits supplied by Bill Jones. It fits Tyler or Gene. The possibilities of embellishments were endless. We spent hours decorating the sheer fabric with, sequins, felt pens, tulip puff paint, acrylic paints, and stencils. The dresses could be easily finished off by sewing two darts, adding a net underskirt, and connecting the circle skirt to the bodice.

These images are circle skirt samples that Bill brought to gave inspiration. The one on black fabric shows a variety of techniques from using small strips of tape and painting in between the strips, stenciling, to very cool gold puff paint that looks like beading. The next picture shows little golden lame cutouts added to black sheer fabric. Bill brought lots of magazine pictures to give us ideas. The next two pictures show an assortment of different techniques. The small clear sequins add a lot to the design, and are easily applied.

Bill giving us the secrets of applying sequins !
1) Use Sobo glue because it holds it's flexibility when it is dry. 2) Work on a small area at a time. Dab small spots of glue on the area you are working on. Use a toothpick and dip it ever so lightly in glue, pick up a sequin and put it on one of the glue spots. 3) (optional) Add a drop of tulip puff paint right on top.

The following images are works in progress. We will take pictures and add the end results to this page as we finish up. Bill Jones kept us entertained with tales of his days working with Beach Blanket Babylon, and the San Francisco Opera where he presently works.



Vicki gets the prize for getting the furthest on her design. She actually had the under netting, the skirt, and the bodice attached before she left !

Swirls with her curly cue handiwork. Check out the detail work on the bodice.


Some visiting dolls. Parisian Sydney in Esme's Wild Orchid dress and Madra wearing one of the new Alex dressed by Madame Alexander. To the right is Barb's rewigged and freckled Anne Estell.

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