Doll Collection organization by Christine Quick

Kids project folders can store doll outfits including shoes, accessories and certificates. Chris likes to label each one with what is inside.

These small containers are great for storing jewelry. Check out how the clothing hanger is used for hanging multiple outfits.

Some of the many visiting dolls that made the meeting.



Resources and tips

Kid's project folders in which to store Gene outfits, including shoes, accessories and certificates available at Storables.
Unfortunately the project folders are not listed on their website, but you can call them directly to order.
Billy bookcases and stacking divided boxes at IKEA .
K-Mart or other similar store has great divided see-through containers which are perfect for jewelry and other small items. Find them in the fishing / sporting section. Padded hangers for strapless gowns available at Monica's Dress Form Hangers.

Tips and Ideas:

  • Don't try to organize your entire collection at once, do it in bits at a time.

  • If you want to preserve the costume for long-term storage, use acid free tissue paper to avoid contact with any plastics.

  • The kid's project folders found at Storables are just wide enough to hold shoes, costume, accessories comfortably and you can label the outside of the container with the costume name so you know what you have.

  • You can also use Hatboxes to store doll clothing.

  • An armoire or bookcase makes a great decorating statement while holding a lot of your doll's clothes and accessories.

  • Have a ton of fabric? Cut small sample squares. Set them on pages in a binder for a quick reference.

  • Use the "figure" cutout that you find in AD garment boxes for hanging garments. Cut it out of the box, tape a small wire hook to the top of it and hang it in your trunk or rack.

  • Don't organize just to get organized - do it to save time. The less time you spend trying to find something or shopping for it because you think it's lost is more time you'll have.