Official Integrity Toys/Wu Oona Competition Rules

"For your consideration, a beautiful stranger, a lovely face that seems oddly familiar, yet . . . different. And who's to say how strange this stranger is? Perfect in face and form, there's a quality of 'otherness' about her, a sense that somehow if you knew her truth, your view of the world would change. We'll call her "Oona" for the moment and your assignment, should you choose to accept it, will be to discover and reveal her true identity. You'll be free to stitch together the bits and pieces required to create a beautiful and believable facade for our distant Oona. With a nod to classic sci-fi, you may cast her as a reporter in a tailored 50s suit, running in a tight skirt and high heels from the unknown. Or on your quest, you may discover that she's really the Queen of Venus, a diva prone to extravagant gowns and pointed collars. This is your range, from the glistening outer cosmos to the pages of vintage Vogue, as it's ultimately your choice, your secret as to whom you think Oona really is."