Convention Hotel
photo: Rosanne Gillis aka buzzcogs

The Gene Marshall Convention XIII
The Girls from Dream City
September 11-13, 2008
Orlando, Florida


Thank you all photographers for the great images. A special thanks to Debra in Texas, Jennifer-in-PA, and everyone else who added interesting tidbits, helped with organizing information, and iding dolls for the coverage!

Distant Venus Gene Convention Souvenir Doll

Imperial She
Saturday afternoon Centerpiece

A Green Eyes Gene
photos: Leneda Maki
photo: Debra in Texas

Every attendee received Distant Venus and had a chance to win and purchase at least 1 of the Centerpiece dolls.........Some of the Convention Gifts attendees received were Cocktail Hour, and After Hours Fashions..........

Dripping Moonlight Gene Saturday Night Centerpiece

A Platinum Gene in a
“Postcards From Cannes”
white variation

photo: Debra in Texas

"On Saturday we received the "Swimsuited to a T" outfit at the Wu Club Luncheon. This is when Zita Charles was introduced......Right after the luncheon we had movie time, this is when we received the Buster Crabb DVD series. They showed several of the episodes for us..........On Saturday night we all received the gift package with the headpiece, raygun and necklace, which was to accessorize the up coming Distant Venus Gene we would all receive." Debra in Texas

Swimsuited to a T

Buster Crabb DVD series

Gift package

Cocktail Hour outfit
Friday afternoon gift

Tea Dance with Ivy
Friday afternoon Centerpiece

The Luncheon theme:
“Moon Over Orlando”
Tea Dance w/Ivy in Cocktail Hour
Outfit is a variation of Golden Riviera
photos: Debra in Texas
"On Friday at the luncheon we all received the gift package with the champagne bottle/glasses and then of course the "Cocktail Hour" outfit."Debra in Texas

After Hours outfit
Thursday Gift

Twilight Girl Gene
Thursday Centerpiece

This fashion is a replica of the costume worn in the Twilight Zone episode “After Hours”

From the Twilight Zone episode “After Hours” with Anne Frances Debra in Texas
photo: RosannaOr

"On Thursday night we all had a "gold thimble" on our dinner plates and a copy of the DVD featuring the Twilight Zone. After dinner they showed the TZ episode w/Anne Francis and then we received our gift of the "After Hours" outfit." Debra in Texas

Gold thimble

Twilight Zone DVD

After Hours outfit

Blue Horizon, All about the Eyes, Slender Threads, Pool Pose Essential Madra, and Imperial She outfit were made exclusively for the Convention and were available for purchase to the attendees......

Blue Horizon Gene

photo: Tatiana UK
photo: Marie Lutins
Photo: Debra in Texas

All About The Eyes Gene

Slender Threads Gene

Blue knee length halter dress with
gold gloves, shoes and hat
Chic checked suit with accessories

.photo: Debra in Texas

.photo: Debra in Texas

photo: Rosanne Gillis aka buzzcogs

Pool Pose Essential Madra

Photo: Debra in Texas

Madra wearing a one piece swimsuit with a detachable overskirt, and flowered swimcap
photo by Rosanne Gillis
aka buzzcogs

photo: Marie Lutins

Imperial She outfit

Dolls dressed in
Imperial She outfit
and Distant Venus
Convention Doll
Photo: Debra in Texas
photos: Richard Piatti-Rios
photo: Rosanne Gillis aka buzzcogs

Lady Director Ivy- This was exclusive for those attendees who purchased the upgrade package......

Lady Director Ivy

photos: Leneda Maki

Newly introduced and reintroduced characters!

A new Character ZITA CHARLES
was introduced Wu Club Luncheon

COLOR DEAL VIOLET WATERS - This is the 1st appearance of Violet since Integrity has taken over the line~ pics by Debra in Texas

Moonlit Moments by Dressmaker Details.......

Outfit Modeled by Blue Horizon Gene.......

photographer: Barry Sturgill

photo: Debra in Texas

photographer: Barry Sturgill

Moonlit Moments outfit

White~LE of 280
Moonlit Moments outfit

photos: Richard Piatti-Rios

Moonlit Moments outfit

Black~LE of 20

Chanel inspiration
"The special Moonlight Moments costume was available to purchase by all attendees beginning Thursday night. The raffle for the super limited edition of 20 "black" Moonlight Moments was drawn Saturday night. Both outfits were made exclusively for the convention and endorsed by Integrity Toys/Wu." Debra in Texas

More pictures..................

photo: Debra in Texas
Distant Venus was based on a design by Adrien
Rondolet Gene -W Club doll
photo: Debra in Texas
Moonlit Moments outfit~black
photo: Angelic Dreamz

Pillars in the hotel photos by: Jennifer-in-PA
photos: Tina Morgan


Diorama Competition.................

Diorama photographer was Debra in Texas
Diorama by: Leneda Maki
Photo credits to Angelic Dreamz
Diorama photographer was Debra in Texas
Diorama by: Mark Tinke
Photo credits to Angelic Dreamz
photos: Debra in Texas and Angelic Dreamz

Oona Competition Dolls...................Did you know the Oona mold is actually the Violet Waters sculpt with different facial paint?

click pic for official contest rules
"There were 25 entries. Each entry was raffled off, and all proceeds went to an organization called The Harbor House of Central Florida - a charity helping domestic violence survivors....Integrity provided a picture of Oona (left) and asked the designers to dress her..... All of the Oona Competition designers were given a nude Oona doll as a "thank you" for participating, which was really generous of Integrity! With that kind of generosity, I think that aLOT of people will want to design for the Charity Competition at next year's convention, don't you?" Jennifer-in-PA

Judge's Choice winner "Queen Bee" by Rebecca Abrams
Oona by Cindy Friesen won People's Choice
by: Mark Tinke
"The Spell" by Julie Albas
and Guy Paul
by Michael Basala
by: Diane on Whidbey Island
by: Bob Young
by Randy Simmons
by: Michael Zepeda
by: Mark Tinke
photos: Angelic Dreamz

photos: Debra in Texas

photos: Rosanne Gillis aka buzzcogs