Derby Dreams
2003 National Gene Convention
Louisville, Kentucky
September 26th - September 28th

Competition Doll Images
courtesy of Bill Jones
Check out these Convention Competition and Raffle dolls
brought to you by Shelly Louge.

Inspiration for Convention Doll
These images are by Mike Basala in NY

Convention Doll and Horse

Saturday Night Centerpiece

Mike's Auction win "Spectacular"
Sketches by Brian Bulkley
Trent in White Dinner Jacket
Thursday Night Centerpiece
Friday Breakfast Outfit,
Suited to be a Colonel
Love in Louisville
Derby Eve outfit
"Here is the centerpiece won on Fri morning. There were three different ones: one Gene one Violet and this Madra. Each was made by a different person and had a different design. Madra was made by Dale Rae."
Above images courtesy of PaintBox
Table doll and Pink version of Convention Doll.
Sketch by Brian Buckley,
image courtesy of Cheryl St Germain
Jackie in Cincy took these pictures:
The doll is based on Loretta Young's character in the movie, "Kentucky".
A close-up of the Convention Doll
Madra Friday night Centerpiece doll
"Here's the Love in Louisville gown that you could purchase at the Sunday night event at the Gene convention. It's a LE of 225, and is a black version of Love in Bloom. Absolutely stunning!! Modeled by Monika, my new repaint by Gena Claire, also stunning!!"

More Competition and Auction Doll images at Marcia Friend's site. Description by Marcia:
Convention Doll," This is the convention doll. She is platinum - I think more grayish than previous platinums, but I'll check when I get her next to an older one. The dress has great accessories, including a Racing Forum, money to bet with, gloves that are wide at the top so they fit over her sleeves, binoculars, an ascot, and a fabulous picture hat..." Accessories

Spectacular "This is a doll that was auctioned off later in the evening. It is one of 3 in this outfit (2 Genes & 1 Madra), which was an idea for a convention outfit, but not produced. It is called Spectator and is a copy of a dress worn by Maureen O'Hara in the film Homestretch. The fur is amazing and these pictures don't do it justice "
White Trent Dinner jacket was available for purchase.
" The lovely Felicia... I mean, Violet Waters (outfit made by Val Hays)"
"That Scarlet Temptress with the red eyebrow... Irene!"
"The lovely and classy Melissa Windham"
"Tommy stole the show tonight with his beautiful Gene Marshall-esque Derby Picnic outfit. Please note the wonderful shoes, including Mel's orange suede ones! "

More Convention Coverage from Donna in FL 9/27/2003
"Just got in from the Saturday event and what a great night! Started off with a few gifts from AD, most notably a little doll hat in shades of wine and taupe, complete with its own tiny cute! After dinner Mel and Dee answered questions from the audience.... Yes, Trent is coming back Will new characters be introduced? Can't say He asked us what a good LE number would be and the consensus was 1,000 There were more questions that I can't remember right now...I'm sure others will post those! Mel then gave a presentation on his history with doll collecting and his journey with Gene, from her earliest conception to the finished product. At the end Mel introduced two new dolls from the 2004 line, first a Trent with BLONDE hair and a new Gene in what looked like a gown in medium periwinkle....very pretty!"

"After that we found out that next year Gene will be returning to HOLLYWOOD for her convention! More details to come, but the woman who wrote "The Way We Were" will be a special guest and one of her gowns will be the convention doll. We then got to see our convention doll, and she is such a beauty! Platinum blonde hair wearing a mint julep green suit with full skirt and an adorable matching hat edged with black and adorned with flowers. Pink gloves, binoculars and race day accessories completed the package. I can't post pics right now, but it is INCREDIBLE! Definitely one of the best convention dolls I've seen. Continued... "

"Next we got to see who won the centerpiece doll, which was a raven Gene wearing a special version of Starlight Canteen in white and red. The skirt is white organza embroidered with red roses, the bodice is red velvet. Incredibly beautiful and totally irresistible (yes, I got one....yeah!) Tomorrow night is the Derby event at Chuchill Downs, and I can't wait to see what's in store there! Hugs to all, Donna "

Trent news from Tommax58
"...In 2004, Trent returns (from rehab) as a BLONDE!!! He looked just great. Only pic was from the slideshow. Also showed one Gene doll in the slideshow as well. Aloha, Tomi."