This 10 year anniversary header was made by Brian Bulkley

Decade of Dreams
10th Annual Gene Convention
November 11–13, 2005
Stamford, Connecticut

I'll take Manhattan convention doll was designed by George Serofeen
"I'll Take Manhattan"

“Decade of Dreams,” the 10th Annual Gene Convention, found our Miss Marshall returning to her hometown of Cos Cob, Connecticut, and nearby New York City—where she was discovered by legendary director Erik von Sternberg at the Regency Theater! Gene's friends, old and new celebrated of her 10th anniversary and looked back on the milestones of her life. The convention was hosted at the Sheraton Hotel in the charming coastal town of Stamford, Connecticut (only five miles from Cos Cob!). George Sarofeen designed the exquisite souvenir doll I'll Take Manhattan and the hairstyle was designed by Rick Villard.

Convention coordinator-Sandra Stillwell, assistant coordinator-Elaine Posanka, Art Director- Brian Bulkley. A special thanks to Carmela, Marcia Friend and Elaine Posanka for contributing pictures. Thank you Brian Bulkley for the outstanding sketches and headers. Specail thanks to Sandra Stillwell for text help and categorizing dolls. Photos from Michelle in Alaska, Michael Basala, Lori in RI, and Cindy Fesmire are greatly appreciated.

Elaine models USO
Tomi models Jack Pot with Gene
Sunset Celebration, orange version
Tango looks fabulous on Sue Martino
Gene's nurse outfit

Mel Odom surrounded by lovely models
Mel Odom with the models wearing Good Bye New York, Anything but Nice, That Extra Something, Jack Pot, Sunset Celebration, USO, and Tango.
Good Bye New York came with a hatbox and teddy bear
This Gene fan models Good Bye New York
Anne Marie models  Mandarin Mood
Anything but Nice is modeled with lots of attitude
Janet as GBNY

Ann Marie wearing Mandarin Mood

(Tom M. in background)

There was lots going on that weekend including a Fashion show with people wearing Gene inspired outfits, a Raffle, a Gene doll competition, an auction, workshops, and extra activities like a Madame Alexander event, and seeing the Rockettes at the Radio Music Hall!
Highlights were a a DVD presentation by Lori Smith with a wonderful assortment of past convention pictures, a retrospective Powerpoint presentation of Mel's artwork and inspiration for Gene, including sketches from childhood, and the 10 year display of Gene and friends, which included every doll/outfit/accessory produced by Ashton Drake, as well as many rare prototypes and samples.
It was announced at this convention that, after 10 years, Ashton Drake would no longer be producing Gene.
Tommy in front of a load of people sized Gene Hat boxes
Tommy in front of Hatboxes with Brian Bulkley artwork on them.



Another view of the hat boxes
The convention dolls came in the hatbox. Separates on discs were given at each meal function.They formed a gift set when completed.
image by Michelle in Alaska

2 outfits and a bustier
more pieces in burgundy
Brocade dress, Tweed jacket,black velvet skirt,
Beaded bustier
Outfit set - burgundy cape, jacket, black bustier
Two more outfits
bits and pieces to match, sunglasses!!
Last disc of separates
images by Michelle in Alaska
Now that is alot of convention dolls
An army of I'll take Manhattan Gene Convention Dolls
If you are going to dress that many dolls, it's got to be a fun time
Help we are being invaded by Genes!!
Yet even more!
The dressing crew having fun!

Decade of Dreams Doll
The Decade of Dreams doll, an edition of 20 made for the attendees of all 10 conventions

These 3 pieces are extremely limited
Two optional purchase outfits
completed the gift set.

nice color variation
The I'll Take Manahttan helper doll
images by Michael Basala