Modern Doll Collectors Convention 2002
"It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Doll, World"
October 2nd-5th, 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada

Convention Coverage by Ruthee Bidwell

The welcoming event was an "Ice Cream Buffet" on Wednesday night, and it was very much enjoyed. A fruit platter was there for those who don't "NEED" ice cream. Life time achievement awards were presented at this time.
One was to Mary Hoyer, who could not attend. Robert Tonner gave the welcoming program....he loves to tell jokes and was successful in getting them done eventually, and with a correct punch line! That continued to be a trend throughout the convention. Tonner + microphone = joke.
Raffle items were displayed on tables that went from one end of the long room to the other. Drawings were at the end of the Saturday Banquet. Most of the attendees had participated in raffle and remained for the whole drawing session. I won Modern Romance Alex!

Thursday Helen Kish Luncheon Robert Tonner Dinner
Friday Vouge Ginny Luncheon Ashton Drake Dinner
Saturday Susan Wakeen's Eve Luncheon Alex Banquet
More Coverage
courtesy of Marcia Friend
Clipart by Snoopy