Garden Party Meeting
Summary courtesy of Holly M.

Debbie Silva shows a sample of her ribbon embroidery, while saying a few words about her Ashton Drake design "Garden Party".
Image is courtesy of Kristan Molchin. The display was made by Reba. It is the Ashton Drake Gazebo decorated with a few garlands of flowers purchased at Beverly's fabrics. To the left is a photograph of the original "Garden Party" titled "Ibis". Trent, bouquet in hand trys to get Gene's attention.

Trent goes down on one knee and Gene appears even less interested.
Debbie Silva shows a sample of her ribbon embroidery.
Saying a few words about how she creates a piece and where she searches for ideas.
Chris's lovely sketch was one of the favors given out to members.
Kristan is a proud owner of another of Chris Quick's beautiful works, one of Kristan's favorites "Mandarin Mood".
Chris during her talk.
Chris's lovely sketch was one of the favors given out to members.
Kristan is a proud owner of another
of Chris's beautiful works.


The Millbrae Public Library was the location for the "Garden Party" meeting. There were plenty of helping hands to set up the raffle table, sales tables and a fashion show runway (OK, some more tables). After everyone had arranged their wares, donated their goodies and primped their dolls, the meeting began with club announcements and meeting new comers.

With the business out of the way, Vera introduced Debbie Silva, the honored guest for the meeting. Debbie is the designer of "Garden Party" a 2001 Gene doll. Debbie achieved something very few have: her convention competition design was chosen by Ashton Drake to become a featured product in the Gene line!

Debbie loves to embroider! She showed us her beautiful jacket embellished with silk ribbon flowers. She wanted to incorporate what she love to do, silk ribbon embroidery, into her competition design. After having to redraft her pattern over and over until she got the bodice just right, she spent 100 hours embroidering the dress with hand-dyed silk ribbon. Debbie buys 100 yard spools of white ribbon then, by wrapping around plastic spool, she boils the ribbon in dye until she gets the right color. The ribbon ends up a bit variegated, which adds shading to the embroidery flowers.

Debbie is very pleased with the production outfit being produced by Ashton Drake. She thinks the perfect reproduction of her purse makes for the under sized hat. All of the embroidery on the production dress is done by machine. Debbie showed us a beautiful hand embroidered Gene shawl, to emphasize the difference between machine and hand embroidery.

As part of the program for the day, all attending received a lovely reproduction of a sketch by Chris Quick. Chris told us how she developed the sketch by first using shapes and by examining poses from glamour magazine until she found the look she wanted. Then she fine tuned the drawing, all the while keeping the focus on the costume. The result is a lovely rendition of "Garden Party".


Encore wearing a polynesian inspired outfit by  Katie Jones and Trent wearing "Blue Martini" a ensemble she has designed and is now selling.
Vicky's lovely ladies and all the Ashton Drake dogs.
Patrice brought Violet lights and Tyler in a mix and match emsemble.
"Encore" wearing an outfit by Katie Jones. Trent models "Blue Martini"
Genes, all the Ashton Drake dogs.
"Violet Lights" and Tyler in mix and match
Kristan brough HHH wearing a crocheted patriotic outfit.
Barb brings Eve and Tyler.
A doll brought by Patrice. Spotted in the Park wearing an outfit she had just completed.
HHH wearing a crocheted
patriotic outfit.
Eve and Tyler
" Spotted in the Park"
One of Holly's beautiful repaints-Twilight Rumba wearing a Fabulous Frocks outfit.
Three more gorgeous repaints by Holly. The doll on the far left is now in the collection of Debbie Silva.
   Priya brought Turbulence Madra redressed in a Daisy and Willow outfit and a to scale motorcycle.
"Twilight Rumba" wearing a Fabulous Frocks outfit.
Three Holly repaints
"Turbulence Madra" redressed in a Daisy and Willow outfit, and a to scale motorcycle.

Raffle and more dolls

Vera, Darin, and Reba run the raffle. The lady standing to the left is Kris, a new member and lucky winner of Bird of Paradise !!!


Daisy and Willow outfits. ATAT in "Captains Table" and Koko in one of their bathing suits.
Blue Fox and repaint by Ken Bartram.
Redone Blue Goddess.
Joyce made the ensemble Madra is
wearing. She also shares Twiggy!

Trent and Gene wearing DAE


Black Ice was brought by Marie of the Brass Horse Doll Shop.
Another new doll brought by Marie. Love after hours. Check out the monogrammed slippers!

Black Ice

Love after hours


Marie, Joyce, and Michelle


Larry and Vera


Candy, Debbie and, Holly



Jocelyn and Larry

Barbara, Charlotte, and Vicki.


All members recieved one of these Gene sized parasols at the end of the meeting.
Gene sized parasol.



The Parasol

Gene Marshall dug through her jewelry box, searching for the perfect accessory to go with her dress. After all, being one of Hollywood's leading ladies for a few years now, she was well acquainted with both real and costume jewelry and knew very well how to make the most of both. So why was it that she just couldn't find what she looked for? Maybe because she was now just Katie Marshall, attending the bridal party of her childhood friend, Suzanne, in Cos Cobb, Connecticut. Suzanne had planned this bridal garden party knowing the weather would cooperate and that Katie would have a few days from her grueling Hollywood schedule to spend with her. And Katie hadn't let her down -- she had helped Suzanne organize the party and select the decorations and flowers, all the while chatting and giggling just as they had when they were little. But now, dressed for the party in a lovely ivory silk dress embroidered with what seemed like all the flowers in Suzanne's garden, Gene just couldn't find the necklace she thought she had brought to wear. Well, she would have to go without. After all, the dress was a stunning creation with its shirred bodice and full skirt; it would almost be a shame to add more to it. As Gene stood there in front of the mirror, Suzanne burst in the room, cheeks flush and out of breath. "You must have this, I just found it and it's perfect!" she said in between breaths. In her hand she held out a beautiful ivory silk parasol. "It was my gran's and I remember her using it to protect herself from the sun. She always had the most beautiful skin, just as you do, and when I saw your dress, I immediately thought of gran's parasol. I want you to have it as a memento of this party." Gene was touched with Suzanne's kindness and generosity. She gave Suzanne a hug and took the delicate parasol. Of course, this would be the perfect accessory to her dress.

Storyline courtesy of Vera


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