Fashion Doll Conventions and Events

Gene Convention Dolls 1996-Present
Distant Venus 2008 Convention Doll
Shadow Song 2007 Convention Doll
Lone Star Soiree 2006 Gene Marshall Event
I'll Take Manhattan 2005 10 year anniversary Gene Convention doll

Smash Up Convention Doll 2004 Gene Convention
Derby Dreams 2003 Convention Doll
Fiesta de Albuquerque Convention 2002
"Belle of the Ball"  2001 Gene Convention

A Toast at Twelve 2000 Gene Convention
Santa Fe Celebration Event 1998
Mood Music 1999 east coast Convention
Broadway Melody 1998 eastcoast convention
Hello Hollywood westcoast  convention 1998
My Favorite Witch 1997  East coast and *First* Gene Convention doll
1996 Atlantic City Beauty Outfit

Paris Fashion Doll Festivals
Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2008
Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2007
Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2005
Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2004
Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2003 by Roowina
Paris FashionDoll Festival 2002
Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2001
Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2000
Paris Fashion Doll Fest Convention Dolls

International Doll and Teddy Bear Expo

IDEX West 2004
IDEX 2003
IDEX 2002
San Francisco Idex 2001

Clea Bella

Tonner Events
Tonner Vancouver Event 2004
"Tyler Wentworth High Tea " 2000
Vienna Opera
Portland outfit
Santa Fe
Tiny Kitty

Modern Doll Collectors

MDC 2002 "It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Doll, World"
MDC 2001 "Bewitching Beauties"
Modern Doll Collectors Convention 2000

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