Golden Gate Gene Club
Hat Workshop by
Bill Jones

William Stewart Jones and Vera  prepare to start the hat workshop.

The Golden Gate Gene Club had a hat workshop by Bill Jones - costumer, make-up expert, teacher and all 'round creative force extraordinaire.
Club members attended this hands-on workshop held at the main branch of the Oakland public library.


members enjoying themselves while they get creative

Bill provided a complete kit as well as his patient and detailed instruction which allowed everyone to come away with a finished hat. The lovely hats he brought provided inspiration and sparked creativity and design ideas. Trims and fabrics were shared by the participants and a variety of hats was created, from black picture hats trimmed with simple black ribbon to wild leopard print hats adorned with feathers and trim!


An example of one of Bill Jone's hats



more examples of Bill's work
The best part is, with the patterns and hat block provided in the kit, we'll be able to make as many more hats as we wish! From the many many positive comments, the workshop was a success. Thank you Bill, for a great workshop!



A group shot of GGGC members with their finished projects


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